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Primary Teaching 

A range of work in Reading and Writing and Mathematics, and an Integrated  Unit Plan in the Curriculum Areas of Health, Media, Design & Drama.

Reading and Writing

For reading and writing I like to write my own stories, and then read these to the kids as a hook to engage them into the sequence. Once reading the story, I will go through the particular topic of focus for the lesson. The topic could be about Conjunctions, Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, etc. I then go through with the students a teacher-directed powerpoint, teaching them about the topic, where afterwards in a teacher/student directed manner we unpack activities together.

Verb Lesson

Conjunctions Lesson

Long Vowel Lesson

Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Conjunctions Inquiry Board Game

Long Vowel Lesson


For mathematics on my recent Primary round I taught Year 1 and 2s about Place Value and Probability. I try my best to make the mathematic sequences as hands on, collaborative and as fun as possible. Below are some examples where I facilitate activities that aim to target team-work and inquiry to build knowledge all together, that then lead students to being able to do independent work.

Probability Class Popsicle Quiz

Counting by 5's Lesson

Counting by 5's Board Game

Counting by 3's Independent Worksheet

Probability and Place Value Board Game

Primary Year 5/6 Integrated Unit Plan

This is an Integrated Unit Plan in the Curriculum Areas of Health, Media, Design and Drama.
Beside is a video explaining the Unit Plan that I created
Below is a link to the Website I created for the Unit Plan with Lessons attached.


Other Subject Areas

Integrated Learning Pop Quiz from Excursion Day

Integrated Learning Inquiry Questions about favourite creatures on Excursion

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